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Lunch Picker is designed to save you or your work staff the endless discussions
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29 March 2007

Editor's review

Often you and your staff could have faced the difficulty in choosing the restaurants for having the lunch. In such a situation you land up having the food of the same restaurant continuously and not experiencing anything new. To avoid such a situation take the help of the Lunch Picker 3.0.1. Get over with the discussions of where to eat and get all the restaurants listed with the program. You need to list the restaurants with the software from which it randomly selects the restaurants when required. Set the functions of the program to show the restaurant according to the price level and cuisines types. You can also get the statistics of the restaurants that you have visited.

Lunch Picker 3.0.1 provides the users with a list of the selected restaurants that they can visit according to their preferences relating to the price and cuisines. The main screen of the program shows the list of the lunch destinations and also presents you the calendar and the statistics feature for you. Mark the mode of payment that is accepted at the place to be cash, check, and credit card. Set the type of cuisines available at the restaurant with the drop down menu. For configuring the restaurants settings you can add up the information relating to them. It provides you with the features to have the list of the restaurants exported and imported. Add new restaurant by entering the details; enter the name of the restaurant, set the average price. Set the features to limit the available restaurants to have the specific selection shown to you. Set the payment type that is accepted, the number days for the last picks, maximum price and select the cuisine types. According to these settings the program will show you the restaurants.

Lunch Picker 3.0.1 makes it easy for you to select the restaurants according to your requirements. Rating of 3.5 has been give to the software for assisting the users to choose the restaurants and have the food they decided to have and that too within the payment limits.

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Lunch Picker is designed to save you or your work staff the endless discussions over where to eat lunch. Lunch Picker randomly selects a restaurant for you from multiple restaurants that you enter. It has a payment option that tells Lunch Picker to only choose restaurants that accept certain payment types, it allows you to select restaurants that are within a certain price range, and it allows you to assign cuisine types and limit the available restaurants based on cuisine types.
Lunch Picker
Lunch Picker
Version 3.0.1
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